Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Baking For Me

I haven’t been able to bake this week, because sweet little Hadlee is sick.  She has pneumonia, poor thing.  Even when she is so sick, she is still her happy, silly, loving, self.  This is what she does; I give her medicine, it kicks in, she starts to not feel so feverish and stops coughing so much.  She runs to put on her swimsuit and begs to go swimming, I say no, so she starts playing with her toys and stuffed animals and her make-believe friend.  She plays too hard, starts to feel bad, comes to me and says “I sick”, then we lay down (I lay down with her because she wants me to), she falls asleep and stays asleep for anywhere to 30 minutes to 1 hour.  And, then we start it all over again.  Here’s hoping that the antibiotics work and she will be on her way to recovery. 
This is Hadlee when she is feeling good!!
P.S.  I do have to bake some sugar cookies and make some Cake Pops for a special little girls birthday party tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!!

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